On February 19, 2020, a group of six people including Director Dai Yi of the Planning and Budget Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress, Deputy Director Zhang Ling of the Municipal People’s Congress, and Deputy Director Liu Weibin of the Municipal Party Committee visited our company Visit and guide work. Our senior executives Lv Xiaoxia, Wu Xinli, and Li Yan gave a warm reception to the city leaders, mainly for a comprehensive understanding of the implementation of the epidemic prevention work during the epidemic and the current difficulties.

        Company executives accompanied city leaders to visit injection molding, die cutting, assembly workshops, company canteens and other areas. At the communication meeting after the visit, the manager of the human resources department gave a report to the city leaders on the implementation of the company's resumption of work and epidemic prevention, including the establishment of the epidemic prevention team, the company's epidemic prevention plan, the preparation of epidemic prevention materials, the control and arrangement of personnel in the factory canteen and dormitory Circumstances, the company’s donations to fulfill its social responsibilities, and the company’s current difficulties that require government support.


        The city leaders highly recognized the implementation of our epidemic prevention work, paid attention to the details of management and control, and thought of the unexpected . At the same time, they responded positively to the difficulties raised by our company. Hope that the government and enterprises will work together to tide over the difficulties.