[Salary and Benefits]

      ★ Provide industry-competitive salary and benefits;

      ★ Apply for social insurance and housing provident fund (five social insurance and one housing fund);

      ★ Provide accommodation, dormitory is equipped with air-conditioning, water heater, etc.;

      ★ Provide various statutory holidays (family visit leave, wedding or funeral leave, maternity leave, paternity leave, etc.) stipulated by national laws;

      ★ Free annual physical examination for employees; 

      ★ There are recreational and sports facilities for employees, and various sports and sports activities such as basketball, table tennis, and badminton competitions are regularly held;

      ★ Can handle household registration transfer and personnel file relationship transfer for employees.

[Application Guide]

A. Application process:

      a. Send your resume to the company’s recruitment mailboxhr@blbgy.com, please indicate "application for a position" in the subject of the email;

      b. Please fill in stable and effective contact information, and wait for email or phone notification;

      c. For those who meet the application requirements, contact the company by phone or email, arrange an interview with the company or adopt other methods;

      d. The company integrates the interviews and tests of candidates to determine whether the interview is qualified; for those who pass the interview, they must go to the company's designated hospital for physical examination;

      e. The admitted persons report to the company.

      Description: Calls and visits are declined, and appointments are accepted. Those who have not received the interview notification will not reply and the information will not be returned. The company promises to keep it confidential .

B. Application instructions:

       Required information for interview:

      1) Originals of ID card, academic certificate, degree certificate, title certificate and other documents;

      2) Detailed personal resume;

      3) Award certificates and personal works, etc.;


C. Registration instructions:

  Required information for registration: 

      1) Original and one copy of all certificates (graduation certificate, degree certificate, title certificate, ID card and other certificates, related certificates);

      2) Three one-inch color photos with red background;

      3) Certificate of resignation from the original unit.

      4)  One copy of health certificate or medical certificate

D. Contact address:

      Please contact our company according to the following information:

      Mailing address: Building G, Guanghao Industrial Park, Yunfeng Road, Gaofeng Community, Dalang Office, Longhua New District, Shenzhen

      Zip code: 518109

      Fax: 0755-29819988        Phone: 0755-28111999 28111992  28111976  28111336< /span>

      Recruitment mailbox:hr@blbgy.com 

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