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The following are our latest recruitment positions. If there is no suitable position, you can also send your resume to the following, enter the Longli talent pool, once there is suitable Position, we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.      

Reminder: Longli’s recruitment activities do not charge entry fees, and will not contact job applicants through mobile phones, PHS, or sending cars to designated locations to pick up applicants. Candidates are requested to verify the contact information and contact person of the administrative personnel department of the company. If it is found that criminals fraudulently use our company’s name to arrange job interviews, ask for fees or laptop data and other property, please be vigilant to avoid being deceived, and promptly report to the company’s administrative personnel department and report to the public security organs.


[IQC Supervisor]

  A. Job responsibilities:

      a. Responsible for training SQE engineers, IQC inspectors, and environmental reliability experimenters, and supervising and coaching the completion of the work;

      b. Coordinate and handle the abnormal quality of incoming materials or abnormal process materials;

      c. Develop/revise and improve the department’s management standard documents and inspection standards;

      d. Review the department’s weekly, monthly and monthly supplier assessment reports;

      e. Responsible for the review of suppliers.


   B. Qualifications:     

      1) College degree or above, more than three years of work experience in backlight quality management;

      2) Ability to use relevant quality standard tools;

      3) Good communication and coordination skills, execution and stress resistance;

[R&D Engineer]

  A. Job responsibilities:

      a. Project establishment, review and selection;

      b. Release of finished product drawings, parts opening drawings, mass production and change data, etc.;

      c. Responsible for the communication and confirmation of early customer information, handling exceptions, etc.;

   B. Qualifications:     

      1) College degree or above, major in machinery, materials, molds, etc.;

      2) More than two years of working experience in backlight industry design;

      3) Experience in working with major clients is preferred;

      4) Responsible work, strong sense of teamwork, good communication and coordination skills;

[PE engineer]

Job responsibilities

1. The introduction of new products;

2. Product efficiency evaluation and production of various process documents (SOP, etc.);

3. Process abnormality analysis and treatment; product process improvement


1. College degree or above, proficient in office software operation, can read drawings;

2, more than two years of PE work experience in backlight or module industry;

3. Have good communication skills and coordination skills, able to bear hardships and stand hard work.

4,Basic process improvement, lean manufacturing, automated process optimization;

Salary and benefits:

1, seniority award, full attendance award;

2, five social insurance and one housing fund;

3, pack accommodation and provide food;

4. Traditional holiday gifts, monthly welfare goods;

5. Paid annual leave, year-end bonus;

6. Spring Festival group ticket reservation and fare reimbursement;

7. There is a mutual benefit foundation for employees to use when they encounter difficulties.

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