Work together to fight the epidemic, and love is like spring to warm people's hearts. In this anti-epidemic war, Longli Technology has been able to help with materials and funds to the best of its ability.

       On 2 on 3 of 2020, when the epidemic is in the outbreak period, the Shenzhen Longhua District Charity Association will participate in the "heart of Hubei·Guardian Longhua" to fight the epidemic Action, the fund was donated by the Longhua District Charity Association to the frontline of Hubei's fight against the epidemic. As a member of Longhua District, Longli Technology participated in the donation of 10 million yuan as a loving aid, hoping that the Hubei compatriots can get through the difficulties as soon as possible .

 On 2 on 14 of 2020, Longli Technology donated a total of 100 infrared electronic thermometers to the Longhua District Bureau of Industry and Information Technology. After the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, Longli Technology, as a district-level leader, gave full play to its industry advantages, contacted downstream medical device companies to purchase electronic thermometers through multiple channels, and entrusted the District Bureau of Industry and Information Technology to donate to the district health system, hoping to relieve medical and epidemic prevention to a certain extent Due to the shortage of materials, the Bureau of Industry and Information Technology has transferred these materials to the District Health Bureau for front-line use.

   On the 2 month 17 of 2020, Longli Technology donated a batch of protective materials to the Education Bureau of Longhua District. The batch of materials were delivered to the district by Mr. Wu of Longli Technology Education Bureau, and received a letter of thanks from the Education Bureau of Longhua District. In the special period of epidemic prevention and control, Longli Technology hopes to send warmth and work hand in hand with the Longhua government to overcome the difficulties together.


   The new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic is now in a critical period. In this epidemic prevention and control battle, Longli Technology has bravely assumed social responsibility and actively implemented the spirit of the country’s series of instructions for the new crown pneumonia epidemic. Nowadays, there is a large demand for epidemic protection materials. Actively contribute to the prevention and control of the epidemic in Longhua District. We firmly believe that no winter will not pass, and no spring will not come. Our battle against the virus will surely be victorious!

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